Self-Driving Industrial Forklift

Autonomous Lifting & Hauling with the DriveMod Forklift

Our Automated Electric Forklift uses AI and computer vision to analyze pallet dimensions in real-time, allowing you to handle over 10,000 lbs. of materials with ease. Streamline your operations by automating your workflows and deliver goods to the right place at the right time — automatically.

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With DriveMod, Your Forklifts —


Autonomously lift and haul thousands of pounds of goods.


Transport goods to any on-site location, indoors and outdoors.


Can be switched into manual mode and driven by a human.


Execute missions based on a variety of flexible, programmable options.


Safely navigate sites without the need for special infrastructure.


Collect data and reveal suggestions for optimization.

Watch Our AGV Forklift in Action

DriveMod Autonomous Forklift

Deliver materials to the right place at the right time — automatically.

Pallets of All Sizes

Proprietary AI and computer vision detects and analyzes pallet dimensions in real-time, allowing you to handle materials of any size with ease. Whether you work with standard, non-standard, or custom pallet sizes, our forklift will streamline your operations and ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.

Safety & Stability

Equipped with intelligent load stability features that maintain balance and stability during operation. Smooth driving and precise movements enable it to handle heavy or asymmetrical loads safely and efficiently, without sudden jerks or movements that could disrupt its balance.

Load Capacity & Multiple Unit Stacks

We've partnered with world-class forklift manufacturers to ensure that the autonomous forklift can do the most demanding industrial jobs. With an industry-leading load capacity of 10,000 pounds, your autonomous forklift will be able to make an incredible impact on how you get work done.


Sean Stetson VP of Engineering

"We customize AV deployments specific to your business needs."

Whether retrofitting existing industrial vehicles or deploying a new fleet — 

Our integration team will work with you every step of the way. From an on-site consultation to full deployment and training, we'll construct a plan customized to your business goals to ensure a smooth deployment of your AV fleet.


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Drive Efficiency + Increase Output 

Our team is standing by to help you evaluate whether our autonomous vehicle deployments are right for you. 

Reduction in human labor costs

Reduction in human labor costs


Forklifts see 360° from floor to ceiling


Increase in workplace efficiency


Drive Efficiency While Increasing Output

DriveMod-enabled forklifts have been shown to increase productivity by 33% and reduce labor costs by 64%.

And this makes sense, right? When vehicles drive themselves, workers are free to focus on other high-value activities that will move your business forward.


DriveMod Gives You Eagle-Eye Visibility

Equipped with Cyngn Insight, our suite of analytics tools enables you to optimize your operations.

For example, you will get a complete view of where your forklifts are and how they are being used. Leverage data to plan and deploy new or existing missions that support and optimize your workflows.

Cyngn Autonomous Fleet

More Autonomous Industrial Vehicles

In addition to our forklift, we deliver autonomous capabilities to other factory vehicles like tuggers and stock chasers to safely and efficiently haul goods by themselves.

stock chaser

Autonomous Stock Chaser

Rugged and maneuverable with 6,000 lbs. of towing capacity, our stock chaser works in both autonomous and manual modes.


Autonomous Tugger

Automate hauling work flows like transferring goods and delivering supplies through complex commercial and industrial environments.


Retrofit / OEMs

Bring AV capabilities to your existing fleet through retrofits and launch additional revenue streams by bundling our AV technology.


Cyngn Autonomy in Action

Ken Morris | VP at Global Logistics & Fulfillment

"The bottom line is DriveMod has made us more productive. Instead of manually moving goods through the warehouse, our team can stay focused on picking, packing, and other high-value assignments."

Joseph Peterson | GM & Plant Manager at Flambeau

"Cyngn unlocks the potential for us to increase throughput and decrease time to market from the manufacturing floor. We’re excited for increased profitability and to get to market faster than competitors."