Your Industry is Changing.
Will Your Business Adapt?

A survey by MHI and Deloitte found that 58% of organizations plan to increase their adoption of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in the next two to three years. Simply put, if your organization isn't exploring these technologies, you risk being left behind.

Below, you'll find which industries Cyngn serves and gain insight into how we customize our autonomous vehicle capabilities for the specific needs of each industry.



Manufacturing facilities are complex and dynamic environments, requiring precise coordination, often with a wide range of moving parts and materials.

DriveMod has been designed to be easily adapted to meet the unique challenges of operating in such a dynamic space. Because our technology works on time-tested industrial vehicles like the Columbia Stockchaser, you can deploy a self-driving solution without sacrificing the power and towing capability of your existing fleet.


Logistics and Distribution

Cyngn's DriveMod technology offers a flexible and scalable solution for 3PLs looking to improve fulfilment productivity while reducing operational and labor costs.

By integrating into your WMS system, our autonomous vehicle technology can be deployed quickly without any changes to your infrastructure or workflow. Whether you're retrofitting your existing vehicle fleet or deploying DriveMod on new vehicles, Cyngn helps you deliver.



When it comes to deploying autonomous vehicle technology, mining companies face a number of unique challenges from the remoteness of their job sites to the dangerous work they must carry out.

Our technology works outdoors and uses a multi-layer AI and programmatic safety system to deliver an autonomous vehicle solution that can be deployed anywhere, helping to keep your people safe and productive.