Advanced Autonomy. Simple Operation.

With Cyngn Insight, you can intuitively manage, monitor, and command your self-driving vehicles.

Our Autonomous Fleet Management System for autonomous vehicles has been thoughtfully designed to be simple and straightforward to operate. It adapts well to your existing workflows and will help make your team more efficient.


Our dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of your fleet's performance and utilization — from anywhere.

Track key metrics such as location, battery life, and cycle time to get a clear picture of how much work your autonomous vehicles are doing. Additionally, see throughput and vehicle productivity metrics to identify opportunities for optimization and cost savings. 

With this valuable data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions to improve the efficiency of your operation.






Current Mission


Network Status


KPIs and Productivity Metrics


Deploy Vehicles with Ease

Mission Planner gives you total control of your industrial autonomous vehicle fleet, enabling operators to deploy vehicles wherever they want.

With Mission Planner, you can schedule mission flows, create and deploy an order pick list, or build out a work queue that can be set once and run all day — all of which can be done from any tablet or device.


Build Any Kind of Mission

Operator-Triggered Mission

An operator-triggered mission kicks off when a worker calls an autonomous vehicle to their station. Once the vehicle arrives, the operator performs tasks with it, such as loading or unloading goods.

From there, the vehicle will automatically drive to the next step in the mission. This process is repeated until the entire mission is completed.

Scheduled Missions

A scheduled mission is a predetermined series of tasks or actions that the vehicle can be programmed to complete at specific times or intervals. 

For example, our autonomous vehicle can be scheduled to transport goods from one location to another at certain times of the day or programmed to follow a specific route according to predetermined triggers.


Build Custom Dashboards

At Cyngn, we understand that every business is unique and has its own set of goals. That's why we've designed Cyngn Insight to be flexible and adaptable to your specific needs.

With custom dashboards and analytics, we can help you surface the information you need to maximize the impact of autonomous vehicle technology on your operation. Our goal is to work alongside you so that our technologies are always able to drive your business forward.