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Vehicle Solutions for Manufacturing

When it comes to maximizing value for your manufacturing facility, Cyngn's autonomous industrial vehicles immediately improve the output of your operation.

Our self-driving vehicles can operate safely and reliably in high-performance manufacturing environments. And because Cyngn delivers self-driving capabilities to rugged industrial vehicles like the Columbia Stockchaser, your organization can tow up to 6,000 pounds.

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Increase Productivity

DriveMod-enabled Stockchasers have been proven to be highly effective in increasing productivity and delivering a return on investment.

In fact, studies have shown that using these autonomous vehicles can increase productivity by up to 33%, allowing workers to focus on other important tasks while the vehicles handle the transportation of goods.

Using autonomous vehicles to perform the tedious work that no one wants to be doing frees up your team to focus on high-value tasks. This provides a noticeable return on return on investment, making it a smart and cost-effective choice for any factory looking to improve its operations.


Keep Your People Safe

Safety incidents in manufacturing facilities are a serious concern, with millions of workers at risk for fatal and nonfatal injuries.

Forklift-related incidents alone have resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands of nonfatal injuries, triggering safety inspections and expensive workers’ compensation claims. In fact, the average American warehouse experiences 9 accidents per year, with each incident costing an average of $42,000.

Every aspect of Cyngn's cutting-edge autonomous technology stack was designed with safety in mind. The system is equipped with multiple sensors, communication lights, and redundancies to keep workers out of harm's way.

By implementing this technology, manufacturing warehouse owners can break the cycle of safety incidents and create a safer, more positive work environment. The Material Handling Institute (MHI) reports zero known AGV-related injuries, indicating that autonomous vehicle technology can effectively improve safety in warehouse settings.


Respond to Labor Shortages

If you struggle with employee recruitment and retention, you’re not alone. In fact, more than half of all manufacturing leaders face this challenge. Fortunately, autonomous vehicles can help resolve some of these issues. They improve employee retention and boost company productivity.

In fact, our estimates show that AVs can make your team as much as 50% more efficient. In short, autonomous industrial vehicles could help you resolve some of the labor issues your organization is facing almost immediately.

A Flexible and Low-Risk Way to Deploy Autonomous Vehicles

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With Cyngn’s Robotics as a Service offering, you can easily bring self-driving capabilities to your organization without a large upfront investment or long-term contracts. In today's economy, it's more important than ever to be able to adapt quickly, and our RaaS model allows you to do just that. Uncertainty about the future shouldn’t hold you back.

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Cyngn Autonomy in Action

"The bottom line is DriveMod has made us more productive. Instead of manually moving goods through the warehouse, our team can stay focused on picking, packing, and other high-value assignments."

Kenn Morris
Kenn Morris
VP at Global Logistics & Fulfillment

"Cyngn unlocks the potential for us to increase throughput and decrease time to market from the manufacturing floor. We’re excited for increased profitability and to get to market faster than competitors."

joe peterson
Joseph Peterson
GM & Plant Manager at Flambeau