We Help OEMs Bring Autonomy to Their Fleet of Industrial Vehicles

The autonomous vehicle market is expected to reach $173.15 billion in a decade. Unfortunately, even if your organization may be ready to launch an autonomous vehicle product, your technology might not be up to par.

Cyngn helps OEMs and other organizations stay competitive in the industrial vehicle landscape by integrating our self-driving technology into their fleets. Our system is highly adaptable and can be deployed to almost any industrial vehicle — no matter how specialized.

If you'd like to learn more about bringing our technology to your customers, please reach out.

greg-breckly Greg Breckley Director of Business Development at Columbia Vehicle Group
“I think some of the things that make it so wonderful for us to work with Cyngn are that we're a relationships-driven company, and finding another company that's full of real people has been great.”

Road-Ready Technology.
Ready for Your Domain.

The artificial intelligence, planning, and perception technology behind Cyngn's autonomous vehicles was developed to handle the most challenging driving domain of all — public roads.

This means that our system is highly sophisticated and able to navigate even the most complex industrial driving situations with ease.

Our 360° perception system is a key component of this advanced technology, allowing our vehicles to detect hundreds of people and objects per second with centimeter-level accuracy. This level of perception and situational awareness is critical for ensuring the safety and efficiency of our autonomous vehicle deployments.


Autonomous Capabilities for Every Industrial Vehicle Type.

Unlike other autonomous technology developers, we specifically designed our AV stack to be adaptable to a wide variety of industrial vehicles.

By unifying the entire AV tech stack into a single component, we can deploy our technology to nearly any industrial vehicle type. The integration process is relatively straightforward so if you have a specific use case, let's discuss.

To date, DriveMod has been successfully deployed on more than a dozen form factors, and we count notable OEMs such as Motrec, BYD, and Columbia Vehicle Group as partners.


Complete FMS Integration

Cyngn Insight, our autonomous fleet management system, can be integrated into your existing FMS to give you and your users a seamless, intuitive vehicle management experience.

On its own, you can use Cyngn Insight to manage, monitor, and remotely control your autonomous vehicle fleet.