Robotics As a Service.
At Your Service.

Are you worried about the expense or complexity of adopting this technology? Concerns about how AV will adapt as your business continues to grow?

Fortunately, our robotics as a service (RaaS) offering can help you easily overcome these challenges. With RaaS, you can access our self-driving vehicle solutions on a monthly subscription basis, giving you the flexibility to scale your AV fleet up or down as needed. Plus, the Cyngn team will be standing by to keep things running perfectly.

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Why Robotics as a Service?


Predictable Costs

Cyngn's RaaS model provides predictable costs and more agile decision-making for companies interested in adopting autonomous vehicle technology.

Rather than making a large upfront investment, RaaS allows companies to pay a predictable monthly fee for access to Cyngn's autonomous vehicle solution. This eliminates the high capital expenditure (Capex) and lengthy approval processes associated with purchasing and maintaining an autonomous vehicle fleet. RaaS also simplifies the annual cycle of capital asset purchasing, allowing for more flexible project scheduling.


Ongoing Flexibility

RaaS offers the benefit of scalable, on-demand access to autonomous vehicle technology.

With RaaS, you can scale your autonomous vehicle fleet as demand grows. This can be especially useful for companies that experience seasonal fluctuations or that need to quickly deploy autonomous vehicles in response to changing business conditions.


Experts You Can Trust

Under the RaaS model, you gain a trusted autonomous vehicle partner — us.

Our AV engineers are highly experienced, which means that you can feel assured that your vehicles will continue to operate smoothly and reliably. By outsourcing this work to our team, you not only save costs, you also can stay focused on the most important parts of your business.