Why Aren’t Your Vehicles Driving Themselves? 

DriveMod gets all of your industrial vehicles humming as a single, unified autonomous vehicle fleet so you can work faster for less cost. With Cyngn Insight, our autonomous vehicle FMS, your entire organization can manage, monitor, and control all your vehicles from a single app. With these two complementary tools, you can drive performance and efficiency as soon as you deploy.



DriveMod is Cyngn’s full-stack autonomous driving solution. It integrates with off-the-shelf sensing and computing hardware to enable industrial vehicles to perceive the world, make decisions, and take action.

Because our technology fits onto the vehicles you already drive, you can bring autonomy to your operation without having to make major changes to how your facility is organized or how you organize the day’s work.


Cyngn Insight

Cyngn Insight is our autonomous vehicle fleet management system. Whether you're looking to streamline operations or optimize performance, Cyngn Insight can help your organization work smarter and get more done.

With the ability to remotely manage and monitor vehicles, you get visibility into everything that will keep your facility operating smoothly and safely.


Key Benefits


Works Across a Variety of Vehicle Types

DriveMod is designed to be vehicle-agnostic and has been successfully deployed on more than vehicle form factors. Currently, DriveMod is commercially available on the Columbia Stockchaser; however, we can work with you to bring DriveMod to the vehicles you already use (or manufacture).


Artificially Intelligent

Our AI-powered software combines leading sensors and computing hardware to create capabilities that far exceed that of human drivers. DriveMod can detect thousands of objects, propose thousands of candidate paths, and then navigate the optimal route — all in fractions of a second.


Over-the-Air Updates

Vehicles running DriveMod become data collection machines and will continually surface opportunities to improve your operations and advance AV capabilities. With over-the-air updates, these optimizations can be seamlessly pushed to your entire fleet.


Automated Missions

Vehicles that disconnect from the network or run out of work to do will automatically return to a designated area so that they can be reassigned.


Multiple Safety Systems

Cyngn's autonomous vehicle platform was built in the most complex environment of all — city streets. We combine multiple independent sensor systems and AI to provide robust, redundant, fail-safe safety.


See DriveMod in Action